Commercial and Residential Carpentry

For over 28 years Safeway Carpentry and Doors has been servicing the Detroit Metropolitan area building garages, home additions, awnings, carports, residential entry doors, and garage door repair. Our expert carpenters can service any residential need, such as decks, stairs, roofing, siding, gutters, windows, chimneys, skylights, wood porches, cement porches, culture stone, etc. We provide residential carpentry services and can complete most any type of home improvement.

Commercial and Residential Carpentry

Safeway Carpentry and Doors' carpenters are experienced commercial and residential garage and carport builders. We can repair a leaning garage, straighten a garage, or fix a saggy garage roof for a fraction of the cost of building a new garage. If you need a new garage we have many options to choose from. Our carpenters specialize in most any type of home improvement.

Safeway Carpentry and Doors' expert carpenters are well trained and will complete the job in a professional and efficient manner. We are home remodeling specialists. Since 1988 Safeway Carpentry and Doors has been providing carpentry services with well trained carpenters for the metropolitan Detroit area.

Commercial and Residential Carpentry Services

  1. Commercial and Residential Carpentry
  2. Custom Garages
  3. Garage Leaning Repair
  4. Garage Vinyl Siding & Roofing
  5. Garage Doors
  6. Garage Door Openers
  7. Storage Sheds Built
  8. Carport Construction and Repair
  9. Cement work
  10. Windows - Vinyl or Wood
  11. Siding and Gutters
  12. Custom Carpentry Services
  13. Cement Work
  14. Doorwalls
  15. Entry Doors - Steel and Wood
  16. Storm Doors
  17. Heating and Cooling
  18. Plumbing and Electrical
  19. Roof Tear Offs - Re-Roof and Repair
  20. Siding and Trim
  21. Chimney Repair
  22. Cultured Stone

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